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                                                               Changing One's Mind Policy

      What happens if you have the inspection and for some reason you change your mind or the deal falls through? We can help.  "Changing One's Mind Policy" is a program exclusively for home buyers. If the home buyer changes their mind for some reason or things happen and the deal falls through, we’ve got the home buyer covered with a 50% discount on their next inspection within 6 weeks of the first inspection. It doesn't cover all their losses but it helps. HomeStar Inspections understands that things happen during the home buying process. During this time we have created a plan to protect the home buyer not only through our thorough inspection process, but to help save money on their next inspection if needed.

For any reason, including:

  • an unfavorable appraisal

  • financing snags

  • nonnegotiable repair items

  • or, even a change of heart

  •  Home Star Inspections helps to protect the home buyer from having to pay full price for a second home inspection. We will do the next inspection at a 50% discount. This discount applies to an equal or lesser value within 6 weeks from the date of the initial inspection.

  • Exclusions/Limitations:

  • this offer is only valid if using the same buyer’s agent for the second inspection

  • this offer is limited to the 2nd home inspection only

  • this offer excludes septic and well Inspections

  • this offer excludes all other discounts normally applied where applicable

  •  Home Star Inspections is the right choice!

  • When it comes to hiring a home inspection company we stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our inspections are value packed giving the home buyer the best inspection their money can buy.  You won’t find a better inspection company that stands behind their inspections like we do. When confidence matters… Home Star Inspections delivers!

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