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With each inspection A Thermal Imaging camera is used and you will also receive a Energy Report at no extra charge. I will walk your roof as long as conditions are safe and enter the Attic and Crawl Space as well. Your Electrical including Main Breaker Panel and all visible wiring and outlets will be inspected. Plumbing, Heat and AC will be inspected too. The SOP which will describe in detail what will be inspected and what is not inspected. This inspection will take on average almost 3 hours.


        Square Foot                  Cost 

        0        - 2000               $285.00

        2001 - 2500                 $320.00

        2501 - 3000                 $345.00

        3001 - 3500                 $375.00

        3501 - 4000                $425.00

        4001 - 4500               $460.00 

              Link for Report

           Coming Soon !

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