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"Were Buy Your Home Back Guarantee"

        We're Buy Your Home Back Guarantee


 If I miss anything that makes you not want your house anymore then Internachi will buy your house back at whatever you paid for it. You will have 60 days to take advantage of this offer after purchase. This only applies to a problem that was missed and not one that has occurred after purchase.

With each inspection we use a Thermal Imaging camera. A Thermal Imaging Camera can see things you or I cannot see. Also read about our  Changing Ones Mind policy. If you decide not to buy for any reason ; the next inspection is half off.    


License #HI-2119



 Serving areas of Pulaski county, Hot Spring county, Saline county and Garland county Arkansas 

Free Thermal Imaging at each Inspection!

Thermal imaging.jpg

A Thermal Imaging camera see's things Home Inspectors without one cannot see. No matter how good they are!

Thermal imag.jpg

What is Thermal Imaging? In short it's a camera that takes pictures of temperatures and images. It's not an x-ray camera . It cannot see through things it only sees temperatures. It looks just like a camera but with a special lens. What is a Thermal camera good for? It sees temperature variations in objects that you and I cannot see. If you had a leaky roof where water runs down into your wall but not enough to show immediately , this camera often times will see the temperature difference on the wall it was behind. If there was a lack of insulation in walls or ceilings where cold or hot air were coming in, this camera would see the area where this was happening. If there were a heating or air-condition duct not fastened properly and letting conditioned air escape this camera would pick this up as well.  

"Changing Ones Mind Policy"

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    You have found your house and now you're about to pay to have it inspected. What happens if the Inspector finds something wrong or if you even change your mind for whatever reason during the process about purchasing the home. This offer will help. In short - if you decide not to purchase the home, but find another home within 6 weeks from the first inspection I will do the second inspection on the new home at a 25% discount for the  new inspection!  

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